An “Old School” Job Search Tool That Is A Must For Today’s Job Seekers

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Job Searching:

Looking for a job?

Do you wish you could bypass the online abyss and have your resume and cover letter go directly to a human being?

Here is a throwback to the pre-online job board days that will help you to do just that – get your resume in front of a human and increase your chances of getting an interview:

The JOBS classified ad section in your local newspaper!

There are lots of jobs that are advertised in the JOBS classified section. Living in Southern California I subscribe to the Los Angeles Times and the Orange County Register but you can find listings in your local paper.

Prior to the onset of the online application process, the printed classifieds used to be the hub for all jobs and resumes used to be screened by a person. Although the online application process now reigns, the JOBS classified is still a very competitive avenue to pursue your job search and should not be overlooked. Here are a few reasons why:

Less Competition – Most People Are Stuck Seeking Jobs Online Only

The bulk of the job seekers are using online which is free and does not require a subscription. A printed newspaper requires a purchase either by subscription or a trip to the store. Just this simple difference means that there will be fewer people using this method as it takes a little more effort. This is great news as there will be fewer applicants competing with you for the same position.

You Have a Contact Name Of a Real Person So You Can Easily Personalize Your Communication

Most of the jobs in the papers provide the name of a contact person along with a physical address and/or an email address for you to send your resume and cover letter.

Less Concern About the Application Tracking System (ATS)

The other big benefit of applying through the “old school” method is that because your resume and cover letter are headed directly to a human being, you don’t have to be overly concerned about the dreaded Applicant Tracking System (ATS) skipping over your resume because it is missing a keyword.

Jobs Are From a Variety Of Companies Including Fortune 500

What’s interesting is that although there are many smaller companies that have jobs posted in the papers, there are a significant number of larger companies including high tech companies that have jobs listed.

Here is a sampling of companies who were looking for employees ranging from accounting, consulting, engineering, healthcare, sales and various technology positions that had jobs posted in the print media “classifieds” on Sunday, November 30, 2014 in my local area:

Nestlé USA, Blizzard Entertainment, Bigman Entertainment, Yellow, Access Business Group International,, Deloitte Consulting, NBC Universal.

The last 3 companies did not have contact information and you would have to apply on their website but that is still less competitive than applying on one of the job aggregator sites online.

So, if you are in the market for a job, increase your chances of getting in front of a hiring manager by going the “old school” route and subscribing to your local printed newspaper. Let me know how you fare in your job search.

About Juliet Murphy

Juliet Murphy, M.B.A., M.A., Career Development, is a career coach and certified advanced resume writer specializing in coaching executives, mid-level professionals and millennials. She is also the president of Juliet Murphy Career Development. Based in Southern California, she provides career coaching services in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and throughout the United States.