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High School Parents – Did you know?

  • Only 27% of college graduates work in their major

  • 30% of college students drop out in their 1st year

  • And only 56% graduate in 6 years

Starting college is such an exciting time for both parents and students. But, choosing the wrong major and spending 6 years in college with no direction is an expensive lesson that can quickly shatter your joy with frustration while setting you and your student back in time and money.

What if we could be proactive and do something about it in 5 Simple Steps before they start so they attend college knowing all about themselves along with a roadmap to help them navigate college?

Well, we can! We will help you set your student up for success before they start so they have clarity when they go to college!

Here’s How

Juliet Murphy - Career Coach for professionals and executivesContact Juliet Murphy for a Career & Life Success Discovery Session for your High School and Middle School Students.

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Our Program for parents and students is based on years of research working with parents, high school students, college graduates and students who did not complete college. We found that in almost 100 percent of the cases, they focused on getting into college and spent very little, if any time thinking of what they’ll do after college.

So, What’s Next After College?  This is where we make an impact to ensure this doesn’t happen to your student. What happens after college begins with the right planning during high school.

Our Masterplan To Graduate College With A Job puts your student in the driver’s seat of their future by helping them discover exactly what they should be studying in college and what they should be doing to prepare for life after college. We map it all out in a roadmap for them to keep as a guide.

Contact us for a discovery session at info@julietmurphy.com to learn how we can help guide you and your students into successful college and career planning.

Here is a snapshot of our program:

Masterplan To Graduate College With A Job

Our Masterplan consists of 5 key areas for your students to focus on so they can achieve their dream job and live the life they desire after college.

Yes: High School is he best place to start thinking about life after college NOT when you graduate college:  Exploring, Visioning, Adulting, Engaging College Community, and Networking


    Joint Training For Parents & Students: This section covers parents and student communication using our communication and relationship guide T. R. U. S. T. — Teamwork, Respect, Understanding, Support, Trust® so you both are on the same page.

    Student Self Discovery: Students need to understand who they are and their natural talents, not who someone or what school expects of them. We work with students to explore their interests, personality types, strengths, skills, likes, dislikes and motivators. They love this section of the program because it is all about them.


    Use what you learned from the Exploring phase to start making decisions and creating your action plan and roadmap for your future.


    Learn what it takes to have a successful college life while focusing on your goals and still having fun.


    Learn how to take advantage of your college community to prepare you for your future by taking very simple actions and being aware.


    Learn what you need to make the right connections to get internships, your dream job, prepare your resume, interview, use LinkedIn and other social media sources to make you shine.