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If you are here, it means that your career is not going the way you want it go.  You have tried fixing it on your own without success and now you are ready to commit to serious action to get serious results.

Tell us…What is your greatest career challenge you are facing now?

  • Are you dissatisfied with your career and you are wondering if there’s more to it all? You desire a job and a career where you can make an impact on your life and the lives of others.
  • Are you a victim of a merger and acquisition where the new company brought in their people and your position is eliminated?
  • Have you been in the same job or the same company for 15, 20, 30 years and haven’t marketed yourself to prospective employers outside your company? You are a little scared, anxious and intimidated by the career landscape and marketplace.
  • Are you ready for that next level promotion but not sure how to go about it?
  • Have you tried to create your own resume but keep getting stuck on how to capture your strengths and assets that you are bringing to the table?
  • Have you been on yet another interview where you were “one of our top candidates” but you weren’t able to close the deal?
  • Are you worried that companies only want to hire “young kids” nowadays and think that you don’t stand a chance?
  • Are you intimidated by the importance of an online presence and not sure how to build a circle of influence on LinkedIn?

Have you changed?  Do you know how to change to meet the workplace of the 21st century?

If you are feeling stuck or at a loss on what to do, you are not alone.


This is Why You Need Juliet Murphy Career Development

Thousands of job categories are being eliminated, organizations are getting flatter, companies have downsized radically with need for fewer executives, emerging technologies, virtual workplaces, outsourcing, offshoring, networking through social media, globalization and the multigenerational workplace have all drastically changed the world of work.

When you started your career, there was no need to have a brand and now for the first time ever you have to think of yourself as a brand and learn how to position yourself as a marketable contributor to the company of your dream’s bottom line.

Today’s workplace demands effective career branding, a strong online presence, ongoing career management and self-marketing to remain competitive.


How Juliet Murphy Career Development Helps You

Because we understand that the only differentiator that a company has is its people, we help you to rise above the noise, stand out and make a profitable impact by helping you to:

  • See yourself as a product and valuable brand.
  • Develop a career marketing portfolio that will be unparalleled cutting edge and a true indicator of your executive leadership presence and the value you’ll easily bring to your new position.
  • Fortify your confidence and see yourself as the only choice for your next employer.
  • Get the job of your dreams by using our signature interview prep process that helps you to ace the interview and get the job.
  • Learn how to master networking, both online and offline, so that you get more opportunities to showcase your brand’s executive presence.

This is where Juliet Murphy Career Development comes in. Through our engagement we will work closely with you in person or virtually via phone or Skype.

We have the tools and the expertise to help you to identify and elevate your brand and develop powerful career marketing documents to make you become a sought after candidate for the position you are dreaming of.

Our executive branding, career marketing and coaching strategies have helped our clients land their desired jobs and achieve their career goals. We would be delighted to help you do the same.

Our Typical Clients

  • Have experience in a senior management or executive role (C-Level, EVP, SVP, VP, AVP), Directors, Attorneys in Transition and Managers
  • CEOs/President of their own companies who want to develop profitable brands.
  • Are aspiring executives that are positioning themselves for a management role
  • Want to understand their brand identify and leverage their branding strengths to grow their career.
  • Are not just looking for a resume writer but are interested in career branding that includes a resume along with other career marketing documents to get the full value of our expertise.
  • Typically fall in the salary range of $80K to more than $1 Million annually.

Snapshot of Our Executive Career Coaching/Career Branding Process:

  • An initial 30-minute consultation to discuss your goals and determine if we are a fit
  • Kickoff coaching, discovery and background analysis focusing on you and you and your intellectual assets goal setting and action plan session
  • Power Statement and Elevator Pitch
  • Value Proposition – Gain the self-confidence to market yourself
  • Executive Coaching to address your specific need
  • Personal Branding – Your personal brand is your competitive edge that differentiates you from the hundreds competing for the same job
  • Executive resume and other career branding/marketing documents including LinkedIn profiles
  • Interview Coaching – Our interview coaching puts you in control and gives you the confidence to deliver what you have to offer
  • Managing and promoting your online presence
  • Job Search and Networking Strategy

Please note that our executive coaching process will vary based on your career goals.


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Juliet Murphy Career Development serves clients throughout Southern California and United States.