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We’ve All Been There Before

Every manager or executive was once a student headed to college. Today many look back and say, “I wish I knew this before I went to college. I probably would have done things differently.” Don’t let this happen to your child.

This year more than usual I have been approached by several parents seeking guidance for their college age students. Their concern is that it’s almost time for college and their student is just not clear on what they should be studying in college, not just for the academics, but also to prepare them to get a job after graduation.

College First, Then Career Myth

This career piece is often missing when choosing a college as many parents and their high school students focus on college first, then later consider a career.
However, when your student chooses a college based on a career they are interested in they can focus their studies on that career during college and be prepared to get a job right out of college doing something they love and build a strong future.

Must Read for College Prep

Here is a must read book for parents and students before your student makes the college decision: #WHAT’S NEXT AFTER HIGH SCHOOL? by Juliet Murphy. Click Here

Doing something you love makes you a happy and more effective leader whether you are an executive, a manager or an employee.

Lets Connect For More Help

How are you preparing your student for college? Let us know if you would like to learn more about helping your child to choose the right career option so they can graduate college making money doing something they love!


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