Interview Coaching

As a former hiring manager, I understand what interviewers are looking for and having also sat on the interviewee side I know what it feels like when you are about to interview for your dream job and you just cannot afford to lose this job. We know that just the thought that this is your dream job puts pressure and stress on you.

We specialize in getting you prepared, confident and relaxed for your interview. Our relaxation and mindset techniques are so simple that you will be quickly adapt them and never again have to worry about “bombing” an interview, rather you will be confident that you will “ace” the interview. Our clients successes have proven this again and again.

With Our Interview Coaching You Will

  • Break the cycle of just getting edged out by the competition at the interview
  • Understand the reason behind the question so you can give a compelling answer
  • Master the dreaded, “Tell Me About Yourself”. Yes, no more life history…that is not what they want to hear
  • Never again feel unprepared for an interview

Our Process

  • Our interview preparation begins with a getting to know you session, learning about your concerns and your greatest interview challenges.
  • We review and analyze at least 2 job descriptions and craft possible questions and potential strategy for answering these questions to demonstrate your value.
  • Teach you how to practice, practice, practice yet come across in a natural, relaxed tone, not rehearsed.
  • We give you access to our proprietary interview preparation tool which enables you to tailor your answers and respond as a confident expert in your field.
  • We conduct mock interviews, so you get to think through the question and craft your answers. We then review your response, provide feedback and then repeat the process. We work with you until you make the response your own and you understand why you are answering the question and what information the interviewer is looking for.
  • We record and time your responses, so you know how long you are taking to answer each question.
  • We work together to create relevant questions to ask the hiring manager, so you demonstrate your expertise not only about your work but also about the company.

Ready to nail your next interview, let us schedule a time to talk.