Help Your College Bound Student Make the Right Decision

We’ve All Been There Before Every manager or executive was once a student headed to college. Today many look back and say, “I wish I knew this before I went to college. I probably would have done things differently.” Don’t let this happen to your child. This year more than usual I have been approached by several parents seeking guidance for their college age students. Their concern is that it’s almost time for college and their student is just not […]

5 Simple Tips For Landing That Promotion

You have been working in the same role for some time. You feel senior management keeps passing you over for potential career advancements and promotions. You feel frustrated, unappreciated and wondering why. Why are you not getting selected? To take control of your career, ask yourself these questions  Where do you see yourself in the organisation? What do you want to be recognized for? Besides your boss, what other leaders do you know in the organization? Is this organization right […]

An “Old School” Job Search Tool That Is A Must For Today’s Job Seekers

Job Searching: Looking for a job? Do you wish you could bypass the online abyss and have your resume and cover letter go directly to a human being? Here is a throwback to the pre-online job board days that will help you to do just that – get your resume in front of a human and increase your chances of getting an interview: The JOBS classified ad section in your local newspaper! There are lots of jobs that are advertised […]

Introducing the Juliet Murphy Career Development Site

Introducing Juliet Murphy:   Welcome to our first blog under our re-branded website, Many of you may remember us from our WOW I LOVE MY CAREER® site. As we responded to your request for services, we outgrew that site and needed more room to expand. So, we thought “what better way to do that than by creating the Juliet Murphy Career Development brand?” Although we have expanded, our services are just as personalized to meet your individual needs and […]