C. S. | Marketing Executive, Los Angeles, CA

With Juliet’s help, advice, and coaching I was able to switch career and organization. Juliet looks at your entire package and who you are as an individual. She helps identify your strong suits and builds your confidence at a time when you really need it. I wholeheartedly recommend Juliet.  

Lisa K., Tax Attorney, San Francisco, CA

For over 5 years, I’d wallowed at a law firm working in an area of law I didn’t want to work in, working with people I didn’t want to work with, and spending most of my waking hours there. I was miserable. One night, I had this realistic nightmare where 50 years had passed and I was at the same miserable soul-sucking job doing the same miserable soul-sucking thing. I needed to take action! Juliet’s one of those people who […]

O.S. | Dean/Academia Executive, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Juliet, Thank YOU very much for your willingness to take on this project at such short notice and produce such quality work in 48 hours! You are a class act and I hope to work with with you again in the near future.

M. L., Healthcare Director, Los Angeles, CA

Juliet exceeded my expectations. I was pursuing a highly sought after executive management position from one of the top healthcare systems in the United States. The hiring process was highly competitive and difficult. Juliet improved my resume dramatically and coached me through the entire interview and hiring process. Because of Juliet’s coaching, I not only got the job offer, I received $10,000 more than their initial offering (total increase = 25%). If you want a career coach who will make […]

Jack L. | Millennial Executive, Los Angeles, CA

I would like to share with you the good news! I just got the internship offer from IBM! And I received the oral offer from Johnson & Johnson! Meanwhile, I am invited to General Mills’s final round of interview. Thank you very much again for your encouragement and advice. I just behaved as when we practiced. I do appreciate your help. Thanks a lot!!

Lauren P., Senior Manager – Utility, Chattanooga, TN

After 20 years with the same employer, Juliet’s counseling expertise played a key role in my obtaining my desired position with premium compensation. She was extremely responsive, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Helga S., Biomedical Paralegal Professional, San Francisco, CA

After 14 years in the same career and the same office, working as an undervalued legal secretary, it took only one interview to land my dream job. Literally overnight, I became a valued technology transfer paralegal in a forward-thinking biomedical company. My contacts are worldwide − from Germany and France to Australia and Singapore. I love my new career and the personal satisfaction. I love going to work. Juliet Murphy changed my life! Her poise, compassion, charisma and charm somehow […]

A. D., Architectural Engineering Project Manager, Irvine, CA

Juliet’s coaching sessions were excellent. Her gift of being able to identify key information about me made my resume masterful. For too long, I had a resume which placed me at a disadvantage to other job candidates. After reading my new resume, I too was impressed with ‘me.