What Juliet's clients are saying about her ...

Tawan J. | Chief Technology Officer

Juliet is an exceptional Executive Career Coach and resume writer. She understands what it takes to get you promoted to the C-Suite and she worked with me patiently to ensure that my most powerful accomplishments were visibly showcased in my resume. Juliet came highly recommended from a colleague, and she exceeded expectations. I highly recommend Juliet.

Tawan J.
Chief Technology Officer

Jill M. | Executive Director

Juliet has been a great mentor to me for several years. She was invaluable in the development of my career path. She helped me assess which of my talents and skills were the strongest, and counseled me on the skills I needed to develop to achieve my career goals. She took the time necessary to develop an understanding of my capabilities and helped me find the career path that would best utilize my talents and more importantly, one that I would find fulfilling. With her guidance and insight, we developed a realistic plan for success that has enabled me to achieve my dreams.”

Jill M.
Executive Director

Rebecca A. | Head of HR

I worked with Juliet Murphy in 2015. At the time I didn’t feel like I was where I needed to be in my career and didn’t know what to do next. I’m so glad I found her. Working with Juliet was transformational for me. I discovered my passion and made a successful career transition and have seen my career progress in ways I wouldn’t have imagined before.

Rebecca A.
Head of HR

Jack L. | People Analytics Director

I would like to share with you the good news! I just got the internship offer from IBM! And I received the oral offer from Johnson & Johnson! Meanwhile, I am invited to General Mills’ final round of interview. Thank you very much again for your encouragement and advice. I just behaved as when we practiced. I do appreciate your help. Thanks a lot!!

Jack L.
Former MBA Millennial Intern, now People Analytics Director

Bruce G. | Release Train Engineer / SAFe Coach

I could tell from the initial phone call that she really cared about me and my career goals. Juliet created a resume that immediately opened doors. I right away saw the difference between my old resume and the one she created.

Every hiring manager who saw the resume kept saying how impressive my resume is. I also wanted to hold off from applying for jobs during the Christmas holidays, but Juliet insisted that I continue my job search throughout the holidays. So glad I listened. During the month of December, I had job interviews with 3 different companies and by the first week in January I had multiple offers. The resume and Juliet’s interview coaching made the difference. I highly recommend Juliet.

Bruce G.
Release Train Engineer / SAFe Coach

Jillion W. | Cloud Platform & Technology Advisor

Juliet is great at what she does. I was at a low point and she helped coach me out if it. I highly recommend her services. She makes it easy to get in touch with her and I appreciate her level of service and attention to detail.

Jillion W.
Cloud Platform & Technology Advisor

Lisa K., Senior Director

For over 5 years, I’d wallowed at a law firm working in an area of law I didn’t want to work in, working with people I didn’t want to work with, and spending most of my waking hours there. I was miserable. One night, I had this realistic nightmare where 50 years had passed and I was at the same miserable soul-sucking job doing the same miserable soul-sucking thing. I needed to take action! Juliet’s one of those people who was born to be a career counselor.

She’s extremely sharp, naturally intuitive, and a great listener. After 5 years in the hell hole that was my previous job, I had no idea what else I could do or where else I could go. Juliet took the time to get to know me. She asked all the right questions, provided keen insights and practical tools for developing a plan of action. Beyond her professional expertise, she’s just downright likeable. She’s frank and no-nonsense with a great sense of humor. She’s also extremely empathetic, kind, and supportive.

Changing jobs is about so much more than simply finding a different job. It’s about overcoming fears, realizing self-worth, building confidence, and finding the strength to leave a bad situation. If you’re unhappy in your current situation and having trouble finding your path, go see Juliet.

Lisa K.
Senior Director

M. L., Healthcare Director, Los Angeles, CA

Juliet exceeded my expectations. I was pursuing a highly sought after executive management position from one of the top healthcare systems in the United States. The hiring process was highly competitive and difficult. Juliet improved my resume dramatically and coached me through the entire interview and hiring process. Because of Juliet’s coaching, I not only got the job offer, I received $10,000 more than their initial offering (total increase = 25%). If you want a career coach who will make a positive difference in your career development, I would highly recommend Juliet.

M. L.
Healthcare Director, Los Angeles, CA

O.S. | Dean/Academia Executive, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Juliet, Thank YOU very much for your willingness to take on this project at such short notice and produce such quality work in 48 hours! You are a class act and I hope to work with with you again in the near future.

O. S.
Dean/Academia Executive, Los Angeles, CA

C. S. | Marketing Executive, Los Angeles, CA

With Juliet’s help, advice, and coaching I was able to switch career and organization. Juliet looks at your entire package and who you are as an individual. She helps identify your strong suits and builds your confidence at a time when you really need it. I wholeheartedly recommend Juliet.

C. S.
Marketing Executive, Los Angeles, CA